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'Essential' Starter Kit

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'Essential' Starter Kit - Barebones kit to get a Jan-Pro franchise or new company up and running. 

Most kits ship within 2 business days. Custom orders can take longer. Call 248-936-0330 to talk to an expert or customize your kit. Ask for Jason or Cassie.

The 'Essentials' Kit - $162

The barebones kit you need to start a cleaning company or Jan-Pro franchise. Perfect for the small, steady growth company getting started.


  • Coastwide Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • Coastwide Furniture Polish
  • Glance Glass Cleaner
  • Consume - Ready to Use
  • Spitfire Power Cleaner & Degreaser


  • Toilet Bowl Ring Remover, Pumice Stone
  • Rubbermaid Deluxe Carry Caddy


  • TruShot 2.0 Trigger Sprayer
  • TruShot 2.0 Multi-Surface, Restroom Cleaner & Disinfectant
  • TruShot 2.0 Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner Cartridge
  • TruShot 2.0 Power Cleaner & Degreaser Cartridge
  • SC Johnson Floor Cleaner
  • Crew Bathroom Cleaner


Our kits are packed with the tools you need that deliver a value that can't be matched. Jan-Pro Detroit offers our unique Janitorial Starter Kits for any cleaning company looking for the right equipment to start off in the commercial cleaning business. We have people ready to answer any question to make sure you are on the right path with the right equipment. 

The Jan-Pro Starter Kits include tools and chemical that we've sourced to make sure you're as efficient as possible. In order to succeed you need to spend your time cleaning, not in the janitorial closet. You need a vacuum that doesn't spit back as much dust as it sucks up. You need quality chemical, at an effective price, that lasts. We've designed everything you'll need to get started with your cleaning company and various situations.

Jan-Pro Owners enjoy Jan-Pro branded shirts and other Jan-Pro Specific items. We are the only Jan-Pro exclusive janitorial starter kit available.

These are the best starter kits for any Jan-Pro business owner or commercial cleaning company looking for an easy, cost-effective bundle either to enter into the Jan-Pro cleaning system or go out on your own. It's what we offer our business owners (upgraded and improved over the years) and is the perfect launching point with the best dollar-for-dollar value of any kit or bundle on the market.

For more questions or if you're interested in building a different bundle, please call us directly at 248-936-0300.


      'Essential' Starter Kit

      'Essential' Starter Kit

      'Essential' Starter Kit

      'Essential' Starter Kit

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