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Backpack Vacuums: Are They the Right Move for You?

A woman using a Hoover cordless backpack vacuum to clean a stairway.

If you did not know already, backpack vacuum cleaners are a type of canister vacuum cleaner. And, as the name implies, you wear it upon your back while using it. The purpose of this design is to improve productivity by allowing you to cover up to 5 times more space than you would with an upright vacuum in the same amount of time. It also gives you easier access to those hard-to-reach areas like vents, blinds, and stairwells.

When considering a new vacuum cleaner, it is important to determine which style is best suited to the environment you are cleaning. A few things to keep in mind are the types and amount of surface you are working with, and the amount and shape of the obstacles in your path.

Advantages of Using a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

- Can be used on a variety of floor types

- Typically come with a variety of attachments and tools

- Virtually no areas that cannot be reached

- Low maintenance costs

- Highly maneuverable compared to upright vacuums

- Usually come with HEPA filtration or double filters (sometimes both) to severely reduce allergens and dust

Disadvantages of Using Backpack Vacuums

- Normally cost more than the equivalent upright vacuum, typically why you only see them in commercial settings

- May output more heat

- Wearing the backpack improperly may result in slight back pain

- Do not utilize a beater bar/brush to get embedded dirt out of thicker carpets - although some models have attachments for issue

When it comes to backpack vacuums, we recommend the Hoover HVRPWR 40V Cordless Backpack Vacuum. It offers great performance at a much lower price point than the rest of its competition. Below you will find a link to the product, and our unboxing on our YouTube channel. If you have any questions, please email us at or by leaving a comment on our video.

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